Muzaffarabad - Pakistan is going to be an integral part of China just like Xinjiang and Tibet became the integral part of China. The CPEC project is the main key to acquire the whole Pakistan at any cost. This project was drafted in 2007 and came in the light in 2015 by Xi Jinping after a well planned dialogue with a hopeless and misguided Pakistan and its citizens. China is acquiring and exploiting the natural resources of Pakistan through CPEC. China has highest Human Rights Violations in its own land and it is trying to propagate the same to the Pakistani people. China has thus decided to numb the minds and bodies of Pakistani citizens by intoxicating them with illegal drugs and medicines. China wants to use Pakistan as its slave colony. China is exporting heroin, cocaine, brown sugar and other illegal mind numbing medicines to the Pakistani Youth by using the CPEC and the silk route corridors. China is carefully planning degradation of Pakistani generations and has started the genocide.